Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Organization of Atheists

More and more we see Atheists seeking to come together to actively strategize and plan how to advance their cause and beliefs in the world.

Two questions this raises is: What type of unity will this produce and what will be it's effect.

The answer to the first is illustrated in the videos of the four horsemen. Here leading atheists sit around a table and discuss various issues related to their treatment and cause. What's interesting is that while there may be common thinking (and even common laughter)as they sat around the table pondering and discussing how their interests might better be served, there was certainly not a "unity" or close bond between them like what you find among Christian servants, but is this not what we should expect, since besides their cognitive pursuits and positions the only relation they believe to exist between one another is that of the simultaneous co-existance of evolved forms.

As far as what it's effect will be eventual tribulation, as prophesied in Scripture, for believers. This is already seen in the fact that the four horsemen agree that any who affirm a belief in or position on faith are to be discredited as illogical and irrelevant. (History has shown that once a segment of society is set apart as irrelevant, unequal, etc., then tribulation and persecution soon follows.) Personally, while the current movement may not necessarily result in the time of great tribulation referred to in Scripture (I say that because I believe its leaders have erred in trying to discount the faithful before their own numbers are of any account, and thus the thrust of their campaign will prove premature), at the same time, it does signify signs of things to come and could be laying the very seedbeds and paving the path of things will surely come. It's clear that as prophesied in Scripture, the spirit of the antiChrist is already at work in our world, and the direction as foretold by Scripture is sure to come. This is all the more reason for believers not to become complacent, but to stay alert, to pray and to prepare. Certainly God is exalted even in the truth as it surely is going to come to pass. How thankful we should be that his faithfulness will be just as sure as his truth.

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