Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Evolutionists on Human Dignity (Run Toddlers Run!)

Consider the following quote
Evolutionists argue that the fetus has not fully evolved into a baby, and thus has no need or right to life because it is not fully human.

Now compare it with the next quote
In his view, toddlers are not just small people. In fact, for all practical purposes, they’re not even small Homo sapiens.

Can anyone tell me what they have in common?

The second quote is found here and comes from one who believes evolution is the key to understanding and communicating with toddlers.

It's a slippery slope when one departs from the biblical understanding of humanity and begins to redefine segments of society (young, old, mentally challenged, other races, etc.) as other than human...but that's where evolution and the pride of the flesh take some.

Distinctions in the way humanity is defined not only provides a reason why God and the way of his truth should be embraced, but provides a real concern and reason why evolution must be opposed.

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