Thursday, January 24, 2008

Muslims GONE WILD!

In Report: Muslim Cleric Issues Fatwa Against Bollywood Star for Wax Figure, it's reported that not just one but two Muslim actors have KNOWINGLY VIOLATED SHARIA LAW by allowing wax figures to be made of them.

Of particular interest is a statement made by film critic Parsa Rao who says Salman Khan (who violated Sharia law)doesn't have much to worry about, saying; "This is just nonsense that no one pays any attention to ...These fatwas are becoming a joke."

Seems the Muslim authorities and Sharia law have taken significant hits in the press recently first with Ghadaffi and now by Khan. What kind of authority is it that when it's in the interest of the individual can EASILY, OPENLY AND WITHOUT ANY SIGNIFICANT RETRIBUTION be set aside?

Seems Islam is beginning to have more and more of a public relations problem, but that's understandable when one considers that in religions where legalism is preached, violations often occur, and the more the rules differ from one's natural desires and passions, the more easy and probable it is that one the desire of the individual will win out over the rules of others.

It's doesn't say much for one's authority, when others violate it and get away with it; how much more when it begins to be described as no more than a "joke."

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