Thursday, January 31, 2008

Atheist Arguments Expose the Truth

When Atheists presuppose and argue there is "NO EVIDENCE" for intelligent design (before allowing evidence or arguments to be presented), and when atheists DISCREDIT believers on account of their faith (without consideration of evidence and argument...simply because they do not hold to atheist presuppositions and worldview), then atheists expose the truth not only concerning their own blindness, biases, and brainlessness, but concerning their WILLFUL ignorance, obstinance and unreasonableness...the very thing charge laid upon them in Scripture.

... It's interesting this (at least the latter position)is the agreed upon method of attack currently in operation by atheist leaders (See The Four Horsemen).

It would be like going to court and hearing one side of a case argue they will prove their case and do so by arguing the evidence on the other side is not only all inadmissable but does not exist to begin with. Seems they want to close the case before allowing the opening of the case (kind of like arguing "I've already deemed myself the winner" on the playground before and disallowing the game). It works neither in the halls of justice nor in the halls of public opinion and belief.

Conclusion: Attempts to discredit belivers before argument will only reveal atheists to be closeminded, unthinking, and unreasonable.

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