Saturday, December 8, 2007

Oprah and Evolution

Oprah, in speaking on behalf of a political candidate, made the statement "You do know that is the reason we are on the earth, don't you, ... to evolve."

It strikes me as interesting that now (at least in the popular mind) evolution is not just a change or a process, but an end in itself (...even the end of humanity's purpose and existence).

With evolution as the ultimate purpose, it shouldn't surprise us when other absolutes become meaningless, for when change (/development) alone becomes the goal (or the ultimate absolute), anything without exception (short of the eternal and that which abides) will suffice and prove acceptable.

Most funny was Oprah's attempt to try to look gravely serious when she said this... like she was not only an expert and authority on the matter, but that it would be wrong to even think about questioning her position and word.

Equally funny, though not really, is it's not just day time talk show hosts who are clueless and invent groundless reasons for man's purpose, but all those who deny the truth of God and man's purpose and place within his purpose and plan.

1 comment:

  1. oh, my - "to evolve", indeed!

    Into what, Oprah?

    For what purpose?

    Who established the purpose?

    And if there is none, do you see your obvious tautology?

    I love the line from "What if His people prayed":

    And what would happen if we prayed
    For those raised up to lead the way
    Then maybe kids in school could pray
    And unborn children see light of day

    What if the life that we pursue
    Came from a hunger for the truth
    What if the family turned to Jesus
    Stopped asking Oprah what to do!"