Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Evolutionist "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Policy

In an article at OneNewsNow, in a post entitled "Lawsuit argues expert biologist fired for refusing to believe in evolution", it's stated that "The Christian Law Association will be defending a biologist who it claims was fired from a prestigious institution because he believed in creation."

Of interest in the article is the following: "And what the scientific community seems to be saying to creationists or [those who hold to] intelligent design is if you're going to hold that belief, keep it in the closet -- hide it," says Gibbs. "[They are saying] if you let someone know that you hold that belief, we will indeed, in this case, shun you, terminate you, punish you for having that religious belief."

In the evolutionist world, it's not immorality but truth and independent thinking that's legislated against.

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  1. These kind of tactics of intimidation and retribution to uphold politically correct group think remind me of what went on in the segregated south in the fifties. Anyone who disagreed with the Jim Crow laws had better stay in the closet. America universities have adopted the same thinking that was used then. It is disgusting to see what has happened to our universities.

    Good post Swordbearer. You have nailed it once again.