Friday, November 16, 2007

Proof You Can't Just Blame It On Religion

In Moscow, psychologists are negotiating with some doomsday cult members, who have sealed themselves in ...a cave or a bunker... waiting for the end of the world.

No doubt Hitchens and others will point to this incident and suggest that "RELIGION" is a problem (i.e., "God is Not Good: How Religion Poisons Everything", religion is the cause of so many troubles in the world, etc.).

However, it should be pointed out that "RELIGION" is on both sides of this issue(/incident). The point being, it's NOT "RELIGION" which is the problem, but "FALSE RELIGION"! Failure to distinguish and lump the two together is made by those who possess no more discernment than to look at examples of "FALSE SCIENCE" and it's effects and then conclude that science is a problem and poisons everything. Note - it makes no difference how loud, how often, how popular, how persuasive, how arrogant, or how hateful one makes such claims, it does not change the truth.

1. WHAT YOU BELIEVE - not only about the end of the world, but about religion.
2. WHO YOU BELIEVE - for false teachers can not only lead you astray and down unwise paths, but once on that path, unless one wakes up and sees the light, it can lead to disasterous consequences and even to death, whether referring physically, spiritually, or both.

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