Monday, October 22, 2007

Global Warming: Skeptical of Thoughts and Madness

If history is correct, regardless of the science (and what it shows or does not show), in the end it's not so much the questions of science that will prove most important, but questions that go far beyond the science such as: How will "global warming/warning issues" and responses (whether necessary or unnecessary, whether right or wrong, etc.) affect and lead toward the advancement of mankind, civilization, world order, etc., all the way down to it's affect on individuals, and the future?

My reasoning is that history is continuous and replete with examples of discoveries, crises, debates, responses, changes in the natural realm, calamities, new insights, the rising and falling of nations & kingdoms, etc., all which in their day or time seemed to be so significant (either positively or negatively) but all which in the greater picture have served to advance our experience and progress.

As I skimmed a New York Times article this morning on global warming which referred to changes which might be anticipated depending on changes and developments in regard to global warming... everything from changes in water levels, to consumer prices, to issues confronting businesses, to law suits (from small to massive scale), to things which could cause significant change to the order and way things are now for most people, even things which perhaps could lead to the rise and fall of nations, the need for migrations of now settled and comfortable peoples, etc., the list could go on... I was reminded that (whether or not global warming is true, or to what degree), the Bible both records and reveals changes of this sort (whether real or not) to be the way of history and the way of God's bringing about his sovereign, eternal and redemptive plan.

Just as in past events, while man has incentive and responsibility to study and discern truth and appropriate steps (if necessary, to what degree, in what areas, etc.), everything from history and time, to the bigger picture, to my biblical world view makes me skeptical of the thoughts, madness and even the approach and presentation which suggests that everything depends on man and that man himself is ultimately in control and responsible for our destiny, and thus we must control it or else... you name what might be imagined. For example, fifty years ago global warming was not even on the radar screen of the news much less of most people. In the same way, history shows that unexpected changes in weather affected battles (and their outcomes); new decisions of individuals or groups of rulers affected peace as well as politics; new diseases appeared which shaped not only populations but people groups and economics and politics; etc. While it's true that we have responibility and must deal wisely and prudently given our position and what providence provides, to suggest man is in control and must control our destiny is ludicrous.

Wisdom points to recognizing that in the midst of all that's taking place, something more significant is taking place, and that's the hand of God at work bringing to pass all that he purposes, and within all this, even drawing individuals to himself, who come to see the vanity and foolishness of having thought it to be any other way.

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  1. Yes, when you can catch the global warming hucksters in their lies (which we have done), it is time to be skeptical of everything they say. Isn't it interesting that they have declared the debate over and therefore, global warming must be accepted. The political and religious left in America have mastered the art of intimidation in advancing their agendas. Anyone who dares opposes human caused global warming has their careers threatened. It is little wonder that they can claim a consensus with their Gestapo like tactics.

    The left has used the same bullying tactics on other issues as well such as intelligent design in creation and the homosexuality issue. For example, opposition to the homosexual agenda and godless evolution is a certain way for a person to place their career in serious jeopardy.

    I for one do not trust them on anything.