Friday, August 17, 2007

Moral Standard: Society, Individual, or Absolute

For all those who suggest there are no absolutes (including moral) and that the standard of morality is set by society (i.e., the "majority", etc.), .......HOW MANY of them do you think ever recognize and give much credence to the societal standard when their personal beliefs and practices are in conflict with the majority's?

My experience in dialogue and debate with folks like this indicates that when there is a difference between the individual's position and society's position, it's always the society that must be "uneducated' or "biased" or 'behind the times", etc., ... or there's a choice to select what "segment" of society to side with (which interestingly enough always happens to resemble their own personal beliefs and desires).

When examined, often the accepted "societal standard" is not much different than the "self standard", in fact its never different. In this case, the only standards are dependent upon the individual at the present time. Ever thought about the fact that if the standard is with the individual, how much sense does it make for these individuals to speak against the beliefs or practices of other individuals, and yet infidels do it all the time, even if to justify their own beliefs and practices.

Here... is another example of the superiority of the Biblical world and life view (in which absolutes exist) over those worldviews which base standards (morality, etc.) on something other than that that which is absolute.

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