Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Announcing the “Lucy" Summer Tour

And you thought the Stones were old…

3.2 Million Year Old Lucy to make 11-city Tour

Now what could possibly be the motive behind this, since it has already been established that Lucy is not a human ancestor? The article even refers to Lucy as "the world's most famous human ancestor" and “the hominoid skeleton”. I guess some feel that, if you repeat a lie often enough, it’ll eventually become true.


  1. Here is my problem, and maybe this is the big question for all of us who do apologetics...

    The normal guy in the street does not know that Lucy is nothing but an ape. He reads the newspaper, he watches CNN etc, and there is no mention of any controversy. Likewise, he goes to church where he hears the latest purpose-driven message or even a good sermon. He came through a government school system and college where long-discredited evolutionary "evidence" is still presented as fact. He is taught no logic or critical thinking, no philosophy of science. He has no mechanism by which to recognize these fallacies.

    How do we address that?

  2. Pray, Preach the truth, and blog on. :)

    Fortunately, Evolutionary thinking hasn't made as many inroads in American Thinking as it has in Europe (and there is even evidence that Europe is turning back to God slowly.)

    It is important that we see the Great Commission as a cultural mandate, as opposed to just getting individuals to an altar to repeat a prayer. We are called to make disciples of all nations, not in all nations. But as August pointed out, we have our work cut out for us.

    I heard someone say that the biggest mission field in the world today is the American Church. I'm inclined to agree, and that is where we must start.

  3. August,

    Good Question.

    1. It's helped me when I read about examples of how evolutionists so wanted to convince, they took pieces of evidence separated by distance and claimed they were one.
    2. It's also helped understanding presuppostional thinking and how that affects how one sees/interprets evidence.
    3.It's helped seeing how often the media and scientists state that findings (such as of future experiments on Mars, etc.) will PROVE evolution... well before the experiments are carried out.
    4. Finally, it provides affirmation in seeing the cases in which the world is adamant about not desiring/allowing both sides of the argument to be presented (helps see there's more than just science, but religion that's at the heart of it.)

    I think the SAME TYPE things must be done to help others see these things (I was the typical person you described.) How this is accomplished on a greater (more numerous) level is a bigger question.

    Part of the answer is in educating the clergy! I had not given much thought to many of these things until a man passed out a free book to pastors leaving our General Assembly. Reading the book make me think. (Pastors love free books!)