Friday, June 8, 2007

Are We Handing Our History, Heritage and Help Over One Law at a Time?

Ed Thomas in his article No. Carolina courtroom oaths expanded beyond Bible provides something to think about.

To some, it's simply a matter of religious freedom and expression (or "religious conscience and conviction") for laws to be changed allowing individuals to use whatever book is most sacred to them when being sworn in or taking oaths before a court. But the truth is, in the greater perspective, this is one more step toward the secularization of America.

For example, what's going to happen when someone comes in and says that "Harry Potter", or "The Little Engine that Could" or "Green Eggs and Ham" is the book they consider most sacred and want to use it?

... In effect, what is happening is legislation is giving up the standard (or ANY standard) and by doing so is leading down the path that suggests that an oath actually means nothing, the ultimate accountability is to the court, and that it's meaningless to call upon God's name in the taking of an oath.

This is not a good path for us to take... nationally, socially, legislatively, judicially, or historically. As with other matters, time will not only tell, but will teach us alot.

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