Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Press, the People, and the Evening following the Death of Jerry Falwell

How would you respond if:

1. You had a neighbor who though he was a member of the PTA and the home run king for the men's softball team, was cheating on his wife and then told you that adulterers are good people, they are good citizens, and though they are different than you, they hope one day you will change your position on adultery and tell others you've been wrong?

2. You had a neighbor who though she is an accomplished musician and cook, sees nothing wrong with serving as a stripper (or perhaps a prostitute) to make extra income, then she comes to you and says that though your views are different, she hopes one day you won't be so closed minded, but tell other people you've been wrong in thinking the way you have?

3. You had a neighbor who though he paid his bills and was known for being bright, and popular and a gifted speaker, participated in child pornography, or trafficing in drugs, or cheating on his taxes, or "you name it", then came to you and said that people who partcipate in his particular immoral behavior and activity... make good citizens and offer much to society, and though your views are different, then one day perhaps if they befriend you, you will see the error of your ways, think differently, and tell others you were wrong in the position you had formerly taken?

...Well then, how should one respond, when the neighbor of Jerry Falwell,
...(a "Rev" no less), who having moved in beside Jerry Falwell, was plastered all over the media the evening his death was discovered, to say that as a homosexual, he hoped by moving in beside Jerry Falwell, that one day Jerry would come to see that homosexuals are good people, make good citizens, and that one day Jerry might tell the world he had been wrong concerning his position against homosexuality.

Cannot homosexuals (and the public, and the press, etc.)distinguish between homosexuality and other factors in a person's life, or must they always group them together so as to believe that by mixing apples and oranges one cannot distinguish between the apples and the oranges? WHERE is the discernment? Or, is there any?

Pork barrel spending comes under attack for a good reason, ... perhaps the same reason pork barrel illustrations and arguments should.

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