Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Chinese Checkers

According to FoxNews, Reuters is reporting that some residents in Hong Kong are calling for an "indecent" label for the Bible, saying "the text contains passages that are too gory for young eyes." Apparently "At least 838 complaints had been registered Wednesday with the city's Television and Entertainment Licensing authority after an anonymous Web site,, said the Bible "made one tremble" with its sexual and violent content, including rape and incest, the news agency reports."

Take a guess: While the anonymous Website is written in Chinese, with a name like "", do you think the website host(s) and their followers are really concerned about "indecent" material, or concerned about an entirely different agenda altogether (... like that of trying to suppress the propagation of Biblical truth)?

What do you think is the probability they also are including ANY other books (i.e. history books, or even religious books) with common subject matter (be it similar records, stories, laws, etc.) in their suit? What is the likelihood they have EVER filed a suit related to indecency before?

I'm not a mathematician, but I suspect I could count all the fingers on one elbow and come up with the correct answer!

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