Thursday, April 19, 2007

Weakness of Islam

Should not religion be able to stand on it's own?

There's a difference between government supporting the freedom of religion (and even legislating on moral issues in accordance with the free views and expression of its people) and government acting to promote a specific religion either through:
(1) Enacting law that encourages and supports the targeting of individuals of a different faith,
(2) In effect, distinguishing between its citizens based upon their faith setting some apart as second class or lower rate/privleged individuals; or through
(3) Judicially setting precedence by siding with a particular group of people based upon their faith, or against another group because of their faith.

The latest top story on the Voice of the Martyrs Website reminded me how often I read and hear of stories where those of the Muslim faith so often lean heavily upon the government and courts of their land, using religion as the very means by which they not only maintain and advance their faith, but oppress and seek to hold captive those of other faiths and the belief systems that they hold.

While I recognize my own government is not free from imperfections, at the same time how thankful I am for those like Abraham Kuyper and others who have made a mark in how we understand and apply principles regarding the relationship between church and state.

The Scripture declares that the Holy Spirit alone is Lord of the conscience. That's why Christianity (when understood and applied properly) does not need to depend on the state beyond support of the freedom to exercise and express religion ... in order to stand, advance, and triumph.

There's not only a difference between a Savior who lays down his life for others and a religion that calls for infidels to be killed; but there is a difference between a faith system that provides opportunity for all to discover and embrace truth for themselves and those that must rely on the strong arm of someone else to carry out their cause.

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