Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A True Christian...

Watch this video all the way to the end...

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  1. ...a SHOCKER, though it shouldn't be.

    The truth remains the truth whether espoused (or neglected) by believers, or spoken by unbelievers. (While I'm not familiar with the authenticity, etc. of the things on the video, assuming it is as it is portrayed, this, by the way, is not the first time, God has used the words of an unbeliever to speak truth to gain the attention of believers, especially in areas of neglect or failure to act.

    While an experienced exegete can obviously find some faults/weaknesses in what he says, overall I'd have to say he communicates the message rather well... May this be used for more Christians to reflect, to self-examine, and to move forward in greater faithfulness to the great and precious calling we have received.