Thursday, September 14, 2006

String theory is blather - Slate Magazine

Modern physics is troubled by the anthropocentric character of the universe. For instance, had gravity been only a teensy bit stronger or weaker, planets and stars could not have formed. So, does the fortuitous value of gravity for planets and stars show that a higher power is manipulating physical law?

In recent decades it has become essential at the top of academia to posit utter meaninglessness to all aspects of physics.

But string theory seems to contain significant helpings of blather designed to intimidate nonscientists from questioning the budgets of physics departments and tax-funded particle accelerator labs.

Yet the very sorts of elite-institution academics who snigger at creationists for revealing their ignorance of scientific terminology by calling evolution "just a theory" nonetheless uniformly say "string theory."

String theory is blather...Slate Magazine

Very interesting article...helps build my skepticism of scientific ideals.


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