Saturday, April 15, 2006

Good links II

Intelligent Design blog with video links

Links to Links! - wow - more than I have even thought about...

Great Reformed Baptist site - Hip and Thigh

Reformed Reader - committed to historic Baptist beliefs - wow!

Dolly Parton singing He's Alive - Awesome!

First - the link to Good Links I

Great site on general information and apologetics -

Very interesting site - Randall Niles was the definitive skeptic, critic, and cynic. Forged in the fires of Georgetown, Oxford, and Berkeley, Randall's peers knew him as a "practicing atheist." Then, in what seemed to be overnight, people witnessed a dramatic shift in his life. Go on a journey with Randall as he poses questions, explores assumptions, and challenges his long-held preconceptions about life, purpose, and meaning.

Good article on "whosoever will" and it's relationship to the Doctrines of Grace

The Founders site - committed to historic Baptist principles - including the Doctrines of Grace

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