Friday, May 22, 2009

Still Missing...

The "Ida" rage is quickly becoming quite an embarrassment. I wonder if the History Channel will still air it's May 25 propaganda piece. Here are a few nuggets from two magazines hardly known for Creationism.

From Time magazine Ida: Humankind's Earliest Ancestor! (Not Really)

"Ida is intriguing because she has some characteristics of both branches, which suggests that she could be a transitional animal that gave rise to the anthropoids and, ultimately, to us. "How transitional it is," says Novacek, "is a matter of debate and further study. I expected that from the beginning. The ratio of vertebrate paleontologists to actual specimens is high, which makes for a lot of theorizing." A specimen like this will reduce the theorizing, but in the end it may not settle anything at all."

From National Geographic "MISSING LINK" FOUND: New Fossil Links Humans, Lemurs?

"But there's a big gap in the fossil record from this time period, Richmond noted. Researchers are unsure when and where the primate group that includes monkeys, apes, and humans split from the other group of primates that includes lemurs."

A classic example of how metaphysical presuppositions determine how one views "evidence".

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