Friday, May 29, 2009

San Diego and Bible Studies

Parking Issues or Assembly Issues or Kingdom (/Religious) Opposition & Freedom Issues?

This is certainly a story worth following...

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  1. This is an example of the tyranny that is on the rise against Christianity in America. It is coming from the political left one small step at the time.

    Our founding fathers came to America to establish liberty and freedom of religion. They were careful to set up a system of government that allowed for three equal branches of government. We do not have a king or a monarchy and we do have the freedom to dissent. This includes the right to oppose leaders that we disagree with. This is guaranteed by our constitution!

    I am puzzled as to why so many Christians are not only too timid to exercise their right to oppose the left and the power they now have, but they feel they have an obligation to pray for the success of these very elected leaders that are ever more boldly attempting to destroy our liberty. I DO NOT GET IT. If our forefathers came to this country and suffered to establish liberty, the least we can do is oppose the political leaders in this country who are trying to destroy it. This includes praying that they are not successful in their liberty destroying schemes and will be replaced in the next election by leaders that are concerned about our freedom of religion. Our prayers should be for the encouragement and success of leaders in America that are opposing this tyranny. I have yet to hear a single prayer for the loyal opposition to the leftists that now control every branch of our government. However, I regularly hear prayers for these leftist leaders that are methodically destroying the very liberties that our forefathers established. It is perfectly alright to pray that God will change their minds, but until he does, we should pray that they are unsuccessful in their agendas and they will be thrown out of office in the next election………….