Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Response to Children of a stupid god video

Atheists themselves ought to be ashamed and humiliated by this wreckless spewing forth of uneducated and/or unsubstantiated claims.

1. Lots of attempts to slander God as being cruel and violent without any reference to context or the nature of the individuals or actions he opposed.
2. Lots of unsubstantiated opinions without grounds or supporting logic (i.e., God "not capable of creating a single radish let alone the entire world", God is "afraid of new ideas", God's eagerness to be worshiped shows he is "an extremely shallow individual", God has a "quickness to violence", God is "stupid", God is "our child", etc.)
3. Lots of ignorance in stating God spawned three religions which absolutely hate each other. (i.e., Blaming God for current Judaism and Islam is equivalent on one level to suggesting modern science spawned those who fail to believe man has visited the moon).
4. Lots of lack of discernment in suggesting God is responsible for division and enmity on earth. (Both failure to admit man's responsibility as well as failure to see the peace and unity that comes to all through the gospel and the body of Christ)
5. Lots of misunderstanding when it comes both to the gospel presented in Scripture as well as the contexts and motivations behind God's judgments. (i.e., "not enjoying your stay on earth will get you into heaven a little bit quicker", "believe in me or burn in hell", worship me or I'll send a plague, "little pigs, little pigs, let me come in or I'll come and burn your cities to the ground.")
6. Lots of differences when it comes to "being created in the image of God" and possessing a fallen image (i.e., Condell suggests God must be a "gullible, superstitious fool" b/c men are; but fails to address or show that man has not fallen or stained or perverted the image)
7. Lots of misinformation in regard to worldviews in suggesting "belief systems limit knowledge, discourage curiousity, and sanctify ignorance). I'd love to see his epistemology.
8. Lots of false choices (i.e., suggesting we must either "be alone in a cold and empty universe or be subject to a cruel and stupid and fascist God"; we would rather cringe under the phone threat of eternal damnation like a bunch of cowardly muppits... etc.) How about the option of not being alone in a cold and empty universe and living in fellowship with a good and loving God?
9. Lots of poor exegesis in suggesting the idea of eternal damnation, etc. is not found in the O.T. but originated with Jesus as a means of manipulation. (Dan 12:2, Isa 66:24, Isa 33:10-14, Ps 21:8-9, Jer 7:20, Isa 1:31, etc.)
10. Lots of wishful thinking (i.e. suggesting science is doing religion's job for it in attempting to illuminate the mystery of life) and not much detail.

There's nothing surprising here. This is just another display of the unbridled babbling and blathering of one who though he admits he does "not know whether God exists or not" takes pleasure out of a hardened heart and seared conscience of consuming both his own time and the time of others berating the idea of God if only to beg attention and gain temporal pleasure while wasting valuable energy and time which could be spent honing his exegesis skills and embracing the truth.

".. they return at evening, snarling like dogs, and prowl about the city. See what they spew from their mouths - they spew out swords from their lips, and they say, 'Who can hear us?' But you, O Lord, laugh at hem; you scoff at all those nations... But do not kill them, O Lord our shield... For the sins of their mouths, for the words of their lips, let them be caught in their pride, for the curses and lies they utter, consume them in wrath, consume them till they are no more. Then it will be known to the ends of the earth that God rules over Jacob." (Psalm 59)

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