Monday, May 18, 2009

Healing Services: World Magazine Article on Lakeland Outpouring

At the height of what many called a revival, WORLD asked Bentley to talk about the healings, like Fogle's, and asked for a list of people who had been healed at the services. His associates told me Bentley was out of the country and a list could not be produced. But six weeks and more than a dozen requests later, the ministry eventually sent a list of 13 names. Fogle was No. 12 on the list, along with this note: "Healed through the Outpouring and is back to fishing."

That was on Aug. 8, 2008. There was just one problem. Two weeks earlier, on July 22, Christopher A. Fogle—according to his obituary in the Keokuk (Iowa) Daily Gate City, "left this life . . . after a courageous battle with cancer."

Good article in World Magazine about the Lakeland Outpouring

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  1. In a case like this involving a charlatan, we should remember that those who are duped by “spiritual leaders” like this are culpable as well. They are not just innocent victims. They are called on by Scripture to discern false prophets and teachers, and a failure to do so can lead to many woes. The Bible tells us that people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge.

    It is amazing to watch how many people blindly follow leaders. They not only follow false spiritual leaders, but they follow bad political and many other leaders. It is totally out of control in America today and that is why conformity to politically correct standards has become so pervasive. Dissent from the so-called consensus is impugned and people are being punished for having views that differ from these accepted standards. In short people are being manipulated in spiritual as well as political ways.

    We should also remember that God does answer prayer and can heal even terminally ill people. If we do not believe this, then prayer is just a hypocritical exercise of futility.