Thursday, December 18, 2008

Illustration of False Views of Redemption

Seven Pounds appears to be a movie filled with illustrations of false views concerning redemption.

Consider the following items:
1. The main character is self righteous and self pitying
2. The main character is planning his own suicide
3. The main plot is for a man who has killed seven family members to redeem himself by saving seven other people (... but this must not be good enough and satisfy since he still plans to commit suicide)
4. The main character's sacrifices are all about him
5. The main character tries to himself become a savior of sorts (tries to provide the ultimate sacrifice (through wrongheaded heroism), becomes frustratingly god-like in his pursuit of redemption, working wonders,
6. The main character's life is characteristic of those who seek this method of redemption - His life has fallen apart, and –as he’s lost faith — has been seemingly abandoned by everyone in his life. His brother ... is ineffectual at best because he can’t stand in the way of Ben’s ultimate sacrifices.
7. In the end, it can only be described as gruesome.

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