Friday, November 9, 2007

Skepticism Concerning Handling and Discussions of Christians and Persecution

Most discussion between unbelievers and believers over the issue of persecution center around the crusades, the spanish inquisition, and the like... examples done under the Christian name "regardless" of whether specific motives and/or actions were in keeping with foundational Christian truth and principles.

That matter aside, what is not discussed is the extent and degree of persecution of Christians both throughout the world and throughout the ages. One day when the truth is known, the greater picture regarding persecution of Christians will show unapologetically that the discussions and press of today fail miserably in representing the truth and situation as it actually is. The true picture will reflect that which Scripture foretells.

Chuck Colson's article "Where Were You?" touches on the issue, but...why not documentaries? Where are the humanitarians? Why the absence, & silence, & neglect?

But praise be to God for He has warned his people, He equips his people, He grants grace to his people, and He eternally governs over all things such that even these things will result in His glory and both the honor and blessing of his people. Here again, reality and truth results in the manifestation of God's glory and the majesty of His name!

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  1. Of course, unbelievers want a free pass when it comes to the human rights record of atheism. Pretty poor by any objective standard.