Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Anti-Spanking Laws

Anti-spanking laws continue to surface (See here).

Rather than a lengthy post, consider the simple question:
Does (or should) ABUSE of something negate it's PROPER USE?

The answer is NO! (This applies to spanking just as it does to alcohol, glue, catnip, love, relationships, property, laws, etc., the list could go on.)

You can't remove the authority or means that God gives without causing additional (& often greater) problems. While such problems may be and/or remain masked for awhile, history has proven that while one may abandon, seek to undo, or even legislate against God's will and provisions, such actions cannot be taken without consequence. Wisdom calls for protection of and participation in the duties God sets before us, even for good ... including the right administration of physical discipline, which serves as an effective means of reproof and correction for those who will be trained by it, even reaching the heart and shaping the character and will, which often keeps those who have been trained from experiencing and causing additional and more serious troubles and pain down the road.

Interesting, isn't it, that new findings are now coming out about the medical community and how sedating (/drugging) kids was NOT in the best interest of our children. And when it comes to physical discipline, has not the result of removing authority from principals and teachers in our schools shown us anything? Now take away the use of physical discipline in the home and see where that leads...

Again, ask yourself the question: Does abuse of something negate it's proper use?
The answer is No!

There's God's way and the way of the world. Just compare!

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