Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Iranian Minister: Gays Deserve Torture, Death Penalty

According to today's news, Mohsen Yahyavi admits that Iran believes in the death penalty for homosexuality.
A few comments:
1. There's evidence & testimony here that even unbelievers recognize that homosexuality is "against human nature."

2. The complete wide range of views by unbelievers ("against nature" & "deserves torture/death" by Yahyavi versus "it's natural and should be accepted & promoted" by some in the U.S.) shows that apart from an absolute, unbelievers have no ultimate authority or agreement for their positions or response (regardless of whether as unbelievers they look to religion [false] or to any other ground, even that resulting from the desire to justify personal behavior).

3. I imagine the greatest number of people lurking to see the responses to this will be those who participate in homosexuality, not simply because they have an interest involved, but because their conscience is alerted to anything related to the matter, the same way one who has committed any other immoral act is drawn by any attention or communication directed toward the area of their guilt.

4. It's interesting that homosexuality is seen as one of a most hideous kind, though on the side of Mohsen Yahyavi there's no mercy or steps to help the individuals or change the heart. On the other side of the coin, homosexuality is seen as a practice to be accepted though the vast history of the world regardless of location or education has recognized it to be opposed to nature, ... this side denying the need for help or for a change of heart. The glory of the biblical position is found in that at the same time it recognizes the unnatural and depraved nature of homosexuality, the ambassadors of the biblical position seek to shed understanding and bring about a change of heart while leaving the issue of justice and sentencing to God.

5. Proponents of homosexuality, in looking for any argument, will draw on the phrase Mohsen Yahyavi stated saying "...humans are here to reproduce. Homosexuals do not reproduce" and use the fact that sexuality is not always used simply for reproduction in order to attack his position, though this does negate the fact that homosexuality is against nature.

6. It's interesting to sit back and think of all the ways that simple issues like this are addressed and handled from the various sides, but to know that while truth and untruths and half truths and lies may all come into play as man seeks to advance his own agendas, that God still rules over all, and his Word will not be violated without consequence. Praise be to God for his holiness, his Word, his patience and ways, but also for his justice and mercy!

7. When considering globalization and pressure in regard to both sin and righteousness, I'm mindful again of the wisdom of God, who confused the languages at Babel in order to provide for the division necessary (due to sin) for the preservation for the gospel to be propagated. While I hope good can come from this, that is ...that Iran may be brought to deal with humanitarian issues and at the same time that those advancing the cause of homosexuality will be again be confronted by the greater testimony found worldwide, it's obvious that with greater communication and relations, both the advancement of sin and the advancement of righteousness will be seen to grow both into global proportion and the very struggle prophesied in Scripture, but leading to the end as well which God has revealed for his saints, even the judgment to come and for his own, life everlasting. Come, Lord Jesus!

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