Saturday, October 10, 2009

Theistic Arguments and Regeneration

While theistic arguments have their valid purpose and place,
one should not confuse the difference between the belief that comes as a result of regeneration and the persuasion which may come from theistic arguments, though the latter at times may serve a role in the former.

Regeneration is followed by faith whereas persuasions (even of God's existence) may still lack saving faith. Regeneration is accomplished by power and results in new being and life whereas persuasions from argument can still leave one spiritually impotent and dead.

Hence, while the goal of an apologist may at times be to persuade using theistic arguments, the goal of an evangelist is never satisfied simply by theistic arguments. It's important that believers understand the difference so as not to be deceived into thinking that once theistic arguments have accomplished their purpose that the work of reconciliation (and redemption) is done.

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  1. I agree, I would side on the side of caution and preach the whole counsel of God, unlike many nowdays who want to have actors walk down an isle to trick you into doing the same. Shame on them...