Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Invention of Lying

In the movie, lying leads to, among other things, the invention of religion.

“I don’t see why we would ever get hate mail,” [Gervais] said at the movie’s press conference. “We decided that in this world, that’s how religion started. It’s an alternative world. It’s in no way atheist propaganda.

It's reported that "Ricky Gervais has been making the media rounds the past few weeks to talk about his new movie The Invention of Lying. In the movie, lying leads to, among other things, the invention of religion..."

While lying may lead to (some) religion, it doesn't lead to truth!

However, there is truth in Gervais' words (in reference to where the basis/authority of the premise for his movie was founded) when he says "WE decided that in this world, that's how religion started." (CAPS, my emphasis).

Gervais states:
If you’re not an atheist you can watch this film without getting angry... I don’t think you have to treat something that comes down on one side as propaganda.”

I would prefer atheists to just come out and tell the truth...but then again I wish they would embrace the truth to begin with.

I guess my real concern here is that potential viewers not be naive and buy into the lies used to entice them for their money (and potentially their minds).


  1. This premise is based on the presupposition that all religions [including Christianity] are false. It is amazing that anyone would think of lying as something that needed inventing. That would be like saying fear or other such instinctive responses had to be invented.

    Since atheism is a religion in and of itself, then it would also take lying to be invented. Unless of course someone can show how matter came from nothing apart from a supreme being! Anyone? I am listening!

    This movie obviously has a foundation of nonsense....

  2. Your opening statement is right on target.

    (But note: they are suggesting that "religion" not "lying" was invented)

  3. Oh, I guess I needed another cup of hot tea. However, atheism is a faith based world view built on a foundation nonsense.