Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Power of Bitterness and Forgiveness

The lesson is that unforgiveness leads to this bitterness and then opens you up to the spirit of Satan, to the spirit of whatever, and when that occurs, it becomes a power that people cannot control,'' said Ronald Murray, a neurologist.

Without forgiveness,'' Ronald Murray said, ''I don't think we could have moved on.

Quotes by Ronald Murray, father of the young man who killed four people at a church and a missionary training center in Denver. Quotes provide a powerful confirmation of truths taught in Scripture. Quotes were taken from article entitled Parents Tell of Church Shooter's Anguish .

May the Lord be with this family.

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  1. Forgiveness - the very core of the gospel...I really liked this post - it speaks about someone's hope and hurt - and how that can be healed (dealt with). Bitterness is just a fickle thing - when it becomes anger it's dangerous. Forgiveness, to me, seems to have that same power - except in a life-giving way.