Sunday, February 10, 2008

Warning concerning Difference between Biblical and Cultural Christianity

Walking down the hall of a hospital where my mother just had surgery, my thought reverted back to the statement of a man who said the doctors in this hospital were good. I thought to myself "They did what needed to be done for my mother.... or at least that's what they said they did. My mother didn't need someone to simply tell her (along with the rest of my family) what we wanted to hear, but not deal with her true physical condition and needs.

As I thought about this, I was reminded that if this is true on a physical level, how much moreso on a spiritual level, and yet how many people today are content as Jesus said they would be to gather around them those preachers and companions who tickle their ears and tell them what they want to hear rather than deal with the true nature, condition and needs of their soul.

How many are deceived by those who they consider "sincere" though they may be "sincerely wrong"? How many are satisfied to hear "feel good" messages and motivational speeches rather than hear what God says concerning our sin? How many continue to think of themselves of "good" and able to please God themselves if they will just try harder rather than accepting the truth that God accepts only Christ and those joined to him through repentance and faith. (See here for a comparison chart between biblical Christianity and cultural Christianity).

Cancer can only kill the body, but sin can condemn the soul. Do not be led astray by flattering lips and smooth talk that deceives.


  1. Swordbearer,
    Glad to hear your Mother doing well.

    I love this post. The illustration is really good. I saw a best selling Christian author present the cultural gospel last night on T.V. when asked a direct question about how to get to heaven. He is purpose driven alright. His purpose is for everyone to be fulfilled with self in this world.

    How can a person be asked how to get to heaven and not mention sin, the cross, faith, repentance or grace? He was able to just that.

    This is the first time I have heard the term Cultural Christianity. It is a great way to describe a lot of the false prophets of our day.

    BTW, if I may give a plug, we have the Biblical gospel at Jazzycat under the title of Christianity 101 if anyone is curious about the central message of the Bible. It is not on the NYT best seller list, but it can save the souls of anyone who believes.