Friday, April 17, 2009

Christianity Uninterrupted

Many often suggest a future demise or end of Christianity, and some even speak of a " world without religion", but consider the following quote (which follows discussion of all the things which opposed Christianity and the truth of the gospel in it's early days)...

All these things were arrayed against the truth, and yet it won its way. And if these things could not impede it when it was a streamlet, shall they succeed it now that it is a mighty river?" God is on the side of truth, and its early victories are a pattern and pledge of its constant and complete triumph over all antagonistic forces." (The Biblical Illustrator, vol. 15, p. 524)


  1. Another quote found on p. 532...

    "At first there was the utterance of a single voice in the solitudes of the wilderness,and next was the testimony of the Son of God to Himself in the village and in the city; forthwith was the gathering of the twelve, and a declaration from these of the gospel to the surrounding nations. Then arose from the apostles the great company of preachers multiplying and widening their circles of influence abroad the earth unto this present, and looking forward we anticipate the time when the whole world, now lying in darkness, shall be filled with the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the channels of the sea."

  2. The church of Jesus Christ began at Pentecost through divine and supernatural means, and we can be assured that it will never cease to exist. These divine and supernatural means began before the foundation of the world itself and the survival of the church lies in God power and not human decision. The demise of the church would certainly be possible under the erroneous theology of human free will controlling salvation. Since most non-Christians also view salvation as a human only decision, they can envision religion dying out. However, God has a way of doing what it takes to get the attention of human beings. Ask Saul of Tarsus.