Saturday, April 29, 2006

Fixed on me - JD Longmire - 200604



[G] I keep my eyes [Em] fixed on the [D] prize
[G] I keep my soul fixed [Em] on [D] Eternity
[G] Because I know [Em] my Father's [D] eyes
Are fixed on me [C-G-C-Am-D]

[Am] I find myself in sorrow's [D] way
[Am] I close my eyes to Him and [D] pray
[Am] His faithfulness to see me [D] through
[Am] Keeps my head clear and my heart [D] true


[Am] His finest gift he gave to [D] me
[Am] The truest life on [D] Calvary
[Am] But death can't keep Him in the [D] grave
[Am] He came again my soul to [D] save!


[Am] What truer words could ever [D] be
[Am] To tell of Love he gave to [D] me
[Am] So I keep my soul, my heart my [D] mind
[Am] Fixed on His love, and love in [D] kind

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