Monday, April 1, 2024

Sensus mali: the real problem of evil

The real “problem of evil” is that we are unwilling to accept that our genetic heritage causes us to believe that we are a peer with our Sovereign and that we are more just than He is.

We desire eternal life, but are unwilling to accept the consequences of having the ability to sense, desire, and persue those things which are not “of God” (i.e., evil).

Because we are *all* spiritually eternal yet *all* inherently traitorous, God has levied fitting punishment. 

Eternal rebellion by an eternal spiritual being (us) against an eternal Sovereign merits eternal punishment.

God has mercifully offered amnesty through Christ to anyone willing to resist and recant their inherent mutinous nature.

Are you willing to accept that God is Sovereign, just, yet merciful? Or do you want to embrace the stance that you are a better judge than the Sovereign King and continue in your evil rebellion?

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