Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Opposition to Anti-Blasphemy Laws

A group of Islamic nations, led by Algeria and Pakistan, is lobbying to bring before the U.N. General Assembly a proposed treaty banning mockery of religion,

The letter seeks to outlaw utterances that are “grossly abusive or insulting” to religion without defining precisely what it deemed grossly abusive. That kind of spongy language leads many to suspect that the treaty would be used against political dissidents as much as it would be used to protect the feelings of the devout.

The above quotes are taken from Editorial: Free speech ... crackdown in name of religion

This writer makes a very good point.

While we all realize the following:
(1) Freedom of religion is good and to be protected
(2) Speech can abusive and sinful
(3) The context of speech is important and should be taken into account
(4) Beliefs that are true should not fear standing against tests
(5) Harm can occur when false beliefs are protected and kept from being addressed,

I say the writer makes a very good point because if a global anti-blasphemy law were approved and put in place, additional persecution and violence in Muslim countries would not only be great, but be conducted under a new veil of protection.

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