Saturday, December 26, 2009

On Worship

A brief guiding statement on Christian Worship -

Worship is privately and publicly acknowledging the absolute sovereignty of God, His complete sufficiency and our complete inadequacy1, all done in spirit and truth2.

Christians accomplish this good work, in general, by loving God with their full selves and loving others3, so that all may ascribe glory to Him alone4.

Corporate worship is the gathering of the church specifically to worship as a unified body. Corporate worship includes the proper and orderly5 public practice of the spiritual gifts, preaching, praying, singing, giving and other elements which are required, allowed and outlined by God in His Holy Word6.

While the practice of worship may vary in terms of inclusion of all or some of the elements, no element may be added that is not clearly outlined in Holy Scriptures7.

(Intended as a Scripturally based guiding principle, not as an exhaustive declaration.)

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