Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Encouragement of Global Evangelization

Iranian Republic, Not Islamic Republic

Above quote is a slogan held up by brave protesters in Iran who seek and fight for freedoms under a banner which perhaps sheds insight into greater things to come not only for Iran but for the hope which has been communicated for the world.

I'm grateful this Christmas of the encouragement that globalization gives toward the fulfillment of Christ's Great Commission and the evangelization of the world. As it is the understanding of all reasonable men that each person should have freedom of discovery and belief when it comes to religion, it seems the globalization of the world, including the greater exposure it brings to all ... as well the greater influence and pressure exerted by the larger masses will serve in significant ways to facilitate the expansion of the Great Commission and the ushering in of the fulfillment of the words spoken by Christ (and his messengers) that the gospel will go forth and spread to the ends of the earth and the fullness of the conversion of the elect will come to pass, afterwhich there will be the final coming of Christ, the judgment of the living and the dead, and the eternity of reward and punishment of the saints and of the lost respectively.

I think of the encouragement this year as I consider the continuing news of the number of Christians in China; and who would have considered the just a few years ago the door being opened for the gospel to freely go into places like Iran, but the above slogan, and the demonstrations taking place in Iran give hope and point to the day whether sooner or later when the things prophesied will come to pass. It's a great time as we consider what's taking place around the world and the prospect and promises of things to come.

Some may say there doesn't seem to be any good news in the world, but even in the midst of the battles and strife, there's hope and encouragement for who have eyes to see even this Christmas season! For isn't that what the gospel is all about... that even in the midst of all the conflict and strife, God brings about salvation through the truth and mercies of his Son, who gave himself that men might be reconciled to God redeemed along with creation itself. If this doesn't bring Christmas cheer, I don't know what will. We have reason to rejoice, even as we look in faith to the fulfillment of God's purposes and to the consummation of those things which are to come!

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