Friday, September 4, 2009

New Book Out: The Making of an Atheist by James Speigel

The Making of an Atheist by James Speigel

This quote was part of a blurb sent to me on this book:

Could it be that their opposition to religious faith has more to do with passion than
reason? What if, in the end, evidence has little to do with how atheists arrive at their
anti-faith? That is precisely the claim in this book. Atheism is not at all a
consequence of intellectual doubts. These are mere symptoms of the root cause-
moral rebellion. For the atheist, the missing ingredient is not evidence but obedience.


  1. The idea that the root cause of atheism is "moral rebellion" assumes that 1) god-belief is necessary for a person to have morals 2) that religious authorities are the authorities on morality also and that 3) atheists aren't moral and don't want to be. It also dismisses intellectual arguments against gods out of hand.

  2. I imagine atheists don't have a problem with being moral when they define their own morality, who would? And who would ever be immoral ... when one could just change the rules to fit one's desires and pattern of living.

    As to your arguments, tell me...
    1. On what foundation does moralty depend and show itself trustworthy, if not from God?

    2. Are you suggesting ethics and morality that are meaningful and binding apart from God?

    3. What is the authority and standard of morality and ethics you espouse?

    4. Are you thinking that man can possess certainty or knowledge (or morality or anything else) apart from God?

    5. Are you suggesting YOU are a moral person?