Tuesday, September 22, 2009

CS Response to "Letter to a Young Skeptic of Color"

In Letter to a Young Skeptic of Color, Sikivu Hutchinson in seeking to evangelize those of color to the side of atheism commits several errors:

1. She confuses the presence of continuing injustices to suggest God must either not exist or not care.

Job deals with this issue in depth in Job 24 and points out that while God sets his own times for judgment, and while God may even let the wicked rest in a feeling of security, they have no assurance of life, & God's eyes are upon them!

Point: We must not confuse God's timing with God's ability and intentions of bringing about justice/judgment!

2. She fails to recognize that that turning from God and embracing athiesm is not going to change the oppression and injustice, it will only be to surrender the foundation for true justice as well as the one who brings true and abiding comfort in the midst of evil and injustice.

3. Sikivu suggests God "justifies" the ritualistic killing of unarmed people, etc. This is false and nothing but a strawman.

4. Sikivu makes an emotional appeal asking "if the Lord will be your shepherd" as he was for those who have been killed; but one should ask the question - which is better: to have a Redeemer and eternal judge who will bring justice and give life, or to be in the grave as a result of injustice having trusted in oneself?

5. She insinuates that doubts raised by unrighteousness even in the church and among some clergy point to the truth of atheism and denial of religion's claims. To do so is to fail to distinguish between the sins of some and the truth of another.

Seems the atheists now are picking up on the practices of the Muslims and others in reaching out to and preying upon the impoverished and oppressed. Unlike Christians who have and continue to reach to similar groups (with Christ, who is wisdom and truth), the atheists will lead them from bondage to greater bondage.

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  1. You've made some really good points. Stay strong brother. God Bless. See you there!