Monday, August 17, 2009

Reflection on "Rod Dreher: Against Atheist Fundamentalism" Article

Unfortunately, militant atheism in power has repeated all the crimes of religious regimes and, absent ethical restraints, made them vastly worse. Though their ideologies despised Christianity, both the communists and the Nazis justified their own monstrosities as "scientific." While religion's atrocities cannot be denied, today's atheist campaigners blindly refuse to accept that atheism's savage legacy is no accident.

There's a reason for that," Gray said. "If the New Atheists came to terms with it, they'd have to give up their basic faith. Their very project is flawed, ...

The religious sense – of awe, of mystery, of a need for meaning – is hard-wired into our species, which is why Gray, a nonbeliever, identifies a "funny sort of humanism ... He's certainly correct to warn that the attempt to repress the religious instinct (as with the sexual instinct) only means it will reappear in some other, degraded form ...

We ought to reject the shibboleth, advocated by both religious and secular fundamentalists, that religion and science are doomed to be antagonists.

Some good quotes worth reading from Rod Dreher: Against atheist fundamentalism One cannot help but notice some truths held by Christians (which atheists have outright refuted) now being acknowledged by some "free thinkers".

Besides the quotes themselves, it appears to me after reading the article and thinking about unbelievers forming "churches" and not only verbalizing their positions more but coming together in different groups arond those positions ...that before long, atheists will have to determine if their argument that "if Christianity was true, there wouldn't be so many different groups" actually applies to themselves!

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