Thursday, August 6, 2009

Euphemisms of Sin

The media and “right to die” advocates are calling it “compassionate assisted suicide.” There are always euphemisms to help us through the troubling practices we might not, under other circumstances, wish to pursue.

Quote from "A Right to Die"

Cal Thomas is right. It's always interesting to see how euphemisms are used to try to justify sin. (i.e., abortion: pro-choice, etc.)

... As an aside, I thought the following was insightful (from the article):

What is to stop them if life has only the value assigned to it by the state? As suicide, like abortion, becomes a “choice,” it will be done for reasons that go beyond the reason through which it is ushered in: the supposed “intolerable pain and suffering” and “lack of hope” of recovery. Abortion on demand was conceived through the bogus rape of an unmarried woman and now it can be had for any reason, or no reason. Crimes against humanity don’t begin in the ovens or on killing fields, but by small steps among civilized people.

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