Thursday, February 12, 2009

New Bahnsen Apologetics Web Series

I just saw where AnswersinGenesis, with Covenant Media Foundation is beginning a New Apologetics Web Series with Greg Bahnsen, Ph.D.

This should make for some good reading.


  1. From the above link:

    "Rather than merely presenting various scientific and historical evidences for God, Dr. Bahnsen methodically showed that the Christian God must be presupposed in order to make sense of anything whatsoever! The things we take for granted such as science, morality, and even the very laws of logic used in such debates, only make sense in the Christian worldview with the biblical God at its foundation. Thus, God must exist!"

    Come on! To make such a statement you must completely misrepresent the worldviews of others. I agree that a Naturalisitc/Atheistic worldview has obvious philosophical problems. But a New Age / Eastern Mystical Worldview can answer all those problems, as well as the problems of Christianity.

    That was a terrible argument, typical of Apologetics, logical fallacies and circular reasoning.

  2. Jim,

    You must be more specific. Hinduism denies the existence of the physical universe, so that's out. Which Eastern Mystical Worldview are you referring to?

  3. "Although Creation is discerned as not real for the one who has achieved the goal, it is yet real in that Creation remains the common experience to others." (From Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, 2.22)

    So, in other words, the physical world doesn't exist, it's just that most people think it does, since we haven't reached the goal, and since we think it does?

  4. Jim Clark: "From my previous dialogues with Christian's, I see that most Christians view the Bible as God's revelation to Man, hence this is seen as the Absolute knowledge. I challenge this view, as do many others."

    Is that a "subjective truth" or an "objective truth"

    Truth is never subjective, by definition.

  5. Jim,

    How does one know that God is love? (and that he loves humanity)?

  6. "How does one know that God is love? (and that he loves humanity)?"

    Primarily from personal experience, also the anecdotal accounts of others, various sacred writings and various philosophical arguments. A common element of all the Spiritually advanced people that I know and have met is that they give out an Unconditional Love. The major common element of Spiritual experiences is the feelings of Love, warmth and peace that envelop you.

    I do not believe we should base our arguments upon a particular text or story, but on overall combination of several factors. For the individual, one Spiritual experience is all it takes to convince you. For arguing in public, a multi-faceted approach is necessary. I believe the formal reporting of NDE's in todays world is a major step in this.

    God Bless

  7. Jim,

    You mentioned you would explain why it is that you must combine new age philosophy with eastern mysticism and how you believe they fit together. Would you do that for us?

  8. "I'd also be interested in hearing you define man's relationship with Brahman."

    On a basic level our relationship can be expressed in relation of various analogies. The Father / Child analogy has been used in various cultures. We worship God, pray to God and Meditate upon Him. We recognise that what we percieve as ourselves is merely a finite form, part of His dream, but that our true nature is in His eternal Spirit.

    The deeper explanation of this is beyond me, you would need to speak to someone with a higher realization then myself to get a more thorough explanation.

    We see the hand of God in our lives, guiding us and supporting us, leading other to us that can help us in our path, and vice versa.

    God Bless