Thursday, January 22, 2009

Eckhart Tolle - Christian Counsel for Seekers / Followers

The true gospel tells us ... we do not have to generate or acquire some new status or level of consciousness ourselves so as to reach up to or attain heaven, but rather God through the incarnate Christ has come down to us, not simply as an example or teacher, but the logos in human flesh, the divine one (even God himself) in the person of Christ to provide salvation (incl: redemption of sin, vicarious atonement, life founded upon & reigning through righteousness, etc.).

Don't be deceived by the rhetoric or lies told by Tolle, look to Christ whom God himself has vindicated, affirmed and held before us.


  1. I'm sorry but I have never read that in the bible, we're supposed to just sit here and let Christ save us. I have heard that God helps them who help themselves.

    But my interpretation of the bible is obviously very different from yours. I see it as a guide, a tool, mutilated by man over time it is, in its heart, still essentially the philosophy of the Messiah Kings which made it the greatest source of Divine Truth we had. It is the source of what we call "Western Society," but it's still just a stepping stone to connecting with God, and the censorship and mutilations enacted against what was written by Early Christians leaves the book as but a shell of it's potential self.

    I understand Eckhart Tolle could be a charlatan trying to guide the sheep to his fellowship, but there's something I learned through life experience, and that is that truth only comes from within. Eckhart Tolle cannot dispense truth through writing, only clues. Truth cannot even exist in the written word, and so the bible can also only provide clues that speak to your inner truth. Don't replace your inner sense, the residence of the Divine Spirit, with some exterior source of absolute truth. The bible has many different authors, most of which weren't even compiled into the official version, and to trust all of their words with absolute loyalty is to flatly contradict yourself.

  2. "Truth cannot even exist in the written word, and so the bible can also only provide clues that speak to your inner truth."

    Why noy? Christians, by definition, believe that truth is the written Word. Why can't truth exist in the written word?

  3. I think SOME Christians believe the truth to be the written word. I hope that as disciples of Christ we don't let a misguided and narrow interpretation of scripture lead us on the path of idolatry whether it is to the texts of the bible or to the resurrected Yeshua - and don't hear the teaching. Can we go back into the womb and be born again?

    Let's not be stoney ground.

  4. Soulriter,

    Where did you get your information about the resurrected Christ and his teachings? Where did you get your information about being born again? How is God known?