Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Intellectuals - Is it Enough?

As Mr. Obama prepares to take office, I wish I could say that smart people have a great record in power. They don’t. Just think of Emperor Nero, who was one of the most intellectual of ancient rulers — and who also killed his brother, his mother and his pregnant wife; then castrated and married a slave boy who resembled his wife; probably set fire to Rome; and turned Christians into human torches to light his gardens. Nicholas D. Kristof in "Obama and the War on Brains", NYTimes

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A good example of how even God's greatest gifts to man can be abused if faith is absent and one is governed by the flesh rather than grounded in truth and led by the Spirit seeking to fulfill the righteousness of God from whom he received the intellect itself.

It's no different than a gun, or one's money, or one's strength, or one's influence, etc., all which depending on the orientation and heart of the possessor can be used for good or evil.

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  1. The writer of the article is confusing Obama's Marxist idealogy with being an intellectual. This does not mean that he is not smart.

    You have hinted at the obvious and that is Obama is not regenerate and therefore not redeemed. An unredeemed person cannot follow the Spirit until he is born again. Therefore, our prayer for Obama should be that God would bring him into a saving faith relationship with Jesus Christ!