Friday, November 14, 2008

India's Poverty and Worldview

I had lunch with a man yesterday with whom I was discussing worldviews. I brought up the article I read last week about how in India they are having to hire "cowboys" to round up cattle in some of their cities. He made a thoughtful point about how there are so many in poverty in India yet they have an abundance of livestock (and other resources) but because of their beliefs will not touch them. The problem, on one level or in some situations, is not the lack of resources, but a faulty worldview. Note in the following video in a few of the scenes illustrating the poverty, there are goats and pigs (and we know of the overabundance of cattle) living right alongside those either in poor health or starving to death.

Reminds me of the joke that's told about the man stranded on an island who after stating God would save him rejected a boat and then a helicopter. After death, he went to heaven and cried to God "Why did you not save me?", to which God replied I sent you both a boat and a helicopter, why did you pass up the help I sent?

===== Just as noteworthy in the video is the illustration of the bondage some find themselves in on a physical level which they cannot repay. The same is true on a spiritual level of all mankind, though unlike the taskmaster in India, God has provided that there might be freedom, by paying the debt himself and providing freedom from bondage for those who are objects of his grace and come to him through faith in Christ.

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