Monday, October 6, 2008

The consistant naturalist society - more sex, please...

Was just reading this article (More Sex Please, We're French) and reflecting on how consistent this attitude is with the prevailing naturalistic worldview of the French nation as well as the increasingly naturalistic slant and prejudice of the "1st world", current and former communistic countries.

This, along with the world financial crisis, should give a sobering picture of what society without Christian morality underpinning it becomes.

Without Christ, why should the world not "eat, drink and be merry"?


  1. There's a direct relationship between what Paul refers to as living according to the "flesh" and a naturalistic worldview. Seeing this play out in practice is consistent.

  2. What's interesting is the disagreement you would find among naturalists; whereas we know this to be wrong, some of them would say there's NOTHING wrong with it (if people are knowledgable and willing to take the risks, while others noting various risks/consequences associated with it would say it's not best (though they can't condemn it but must leave it up to the individuals), while still others might suggest it should be confronted for the above reasons. This worldview reduces down to just do what you want to do... which is demonstrated in the article.