Monday, October 20, 2008

Extremism: Is it the Problem?

Many speak of "Extremism" as a problem. Some suggest it's not just faith, but "extremist" views which are a problem. But is that really the case?

For example, while extremist Muslim beliefs and practices can lead to concern (i.e., 9-11, here, etc.); consider what becoming more like Christ results in - greater love, greater humility, greater compassion, even willingness to lay down one's life for another!

It's NOT extremism that's the problem, but what some believe. Should we not all be extreme about out beliefs, that is if our belief are worthy of our trust and lives?

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  1. Sword,
    Good point. Extreme Christianity through zealously following the teachings of Jesus Christ would certainly be a blessing for America and the world.

    Sometimes the wrongs done by false Christians in the name of Christianity get blamed on genuine Christianity. With discernment and logical thought, true Christianity is revealed to be the source of most of the good that the world has experienced since Jesus walked on planet earth. Democracy, charity, hospitals, universities, and human rights all can be traced back to Christian influence............