Friday, October 10, 2008

Eastern Religions and Slavery (Buddhism)

Buddhists in the Chinese tradition still burn pungent incense and leave offerings to the goddess Tien Hau in return for the promise of happiness and a long life.

The quote taken from here shows the enslavement of those who embrace Eastern Pantheistic Monism (in this case Buddhism), and is especially revealed when one considers the goddess is never satisfied since the offerings continue to have to be given.

Compare this with the freedom and peace possessed and experienced by those who have received benefits through Christ Jesus, the one who when he had offered for all time ONE sacrice for sins, he SAT DOWN down at the RIGHT HAND of God, that is...his offering was completely effective in fully satisfying God's demand for righteousness on the part of his people.

Here's the Question: WHY look to the eastern religions and become perpetually enslaved never to satisfy the one in command, when one can serve the true God who provides righteousness, acceptance, peace and freedom though his anointed one?

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