Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Peter Atkins: "Science Can Account For Everything"

William Lane Craig responds...


  1. Beautiful!

    (even the blank stare ... as the examples are given)

  2. Skeptimal,

    I'm not sure what your objection here is. Did I use the word "humiliation"?

    Didn't you object to an earlier post where I claimed that Peter Atkin's stated that Science can account for anything? Didn't you want to see the quote? (I'm sure someone can look it up.)

    Unfortunately, this wasn't my video. I'd be interested in seeing the scientist's answer as well. I don't believe he has one. Perhaps you would like to take a stab at an answer.

  3. Maybe I'm being presumptuous, but I understand Peter Atkins to mean that "science can account for everything."

    This isn't the first time he has said it.

  4. what a great clip...i would have liked to see the entire thing as well.. was that Buckley as moderator? how old is the clip as we know Buckly died within the last 2 yrs or so.

    have any of you seen the movie:

    Expelled...No Intelligence Allowed?

    There were similar rebuttals by Hawkins (i believe that was his name). on the question of where live originated, he actually put forth the theory that we were seeded by a super intelligent society...anything but designed by a creator.

    btw: i don't feel quite smart enough for this blog...