Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Yeah! Christianity Today Article on Apologetics

article here

A New Day for Apologetics

People young and old are flocking to hear — and be changed by — winsome arguments for the Christian faith.


"It wasn't too many years ago that scholars were writing off apologetics because we live in a postmodern world where young people are not supposed to be interested in things like the historical Jesus," Strobel says. "The biggest shock is that among people who communicated to me that they had found faith in Christ through apologetics, the single biggest group was 16- to 24-year-olds."

Last summer, hundreds had to be turned away from a Focus on the Family- sponsored apologetics conference for teenagers that drew an overflow crowd of 1,500. Meanwhile, the hotbeds of apologetics education—Biola University and its Talbot School of Theology (CT, June 2003), Southern Evangelical Seminary, and Liberty University—are crammed with students pursuing graduate degrees in philosophy and apologetics.


  1. Our church is beginning a course in apologetics on August 6 and so far I've not seen any response like it. If as many show up as are telling me they are making arrangements to be there, it should be very well attended. I believe the timing is right and Christians are beginning to understand the need for apologetics!

  2. Isn't Liberty evidentialist? Is any apologetic better than no apologetic?

  3. sean - I think evidentialism will lead the consistent and determined searcher to presuppositionalism - that was my path...