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From PJ Miller's blog:Covenant and Dispensational Theology

(4) part teaching on Covenant, New Covenenat and Dispensational Theology: Understanding the relation of the Old/New Covenants:

Part 1-Covenant and Dispensational Theology

Part 2-Covenant and Dispensational Theology Part (2)

Part 3- Covenant and Dispensational Theology Part (3)

Part 4- Covenant and Dispensational Theology *conclusion

I found John Piper's perspective very interesting:

John Piper's position
John Piper has some things in common with each of these views, but does not classify himself within any of these three camps. He is probably the furthest away from dispensationalism, although he does agree with dispensationalism that there will be a millennium.

Many of his theological heroes have been covenant theologians (for example, many of the Puritans), and he does see some merit in the concept of a pre-fall covenant of works, but he has not taken a position on their specific conception of the covenant of grace.

In regards to his views on the Mosaic Law, he seems closer to new covenant theology than covenant theology, although once again it would not work to say that he precisely falls within that category.

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