Saturday, May 17, 2008

Use of the Term "Supernatural"

Good article over on the Evangelical Outpost:

Those who believe that the material is all that exists (i.e., materialists, physicalists, some atheists) are forced to reduce or explain everything in terms of the physical. The mind, for example, is considered to be identical and reducible to the physical states of the brain. Senses, emotions, desires, and other intangibles presumably are illusory properties that "emerge" from the physical. All natural laws are therefore physical laws.

Christians, on the other hand, should draw the line of demarcation between the creational/natural and the supernatural based on that which exists necessarily (exists on its own) and that which relies on something else for its existence. According to the Bible, all of creation not only came into existence by God's fiat, but remains in existence only because of his continuous action (sometimes referred to as "providential action" or simply "providence").

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